Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions
Using the website:

By accessing our website and the related pages, you agree on the terms of use. These terms and conditions will be continuously updated and your role will be to check for any updates in the future whenever you use the services or buy a product from the website. It will be considered that you have accepted any changes to the Terms of Use if you continue to use the products / services even after updates had been made to the Terms of Use.

All the information, courses, materials on the websites, pages, blogs and related social media are for informational reasons only and are not considered to be, in any mean, a professional, legal or business advice of any kind possible. Though, it should not be relied upon in any decision you make. You need to consult professional qualified party for any professional advice.

You are held responsible for any information you post on the social media account related to hourviews as this information is visible by the public.



Although, hourviews aims to provide high quality services and training materials, we do not accept any liability for the inaccuracy or misleading information provided by the course materials or information on our website. Also we do not accept liability for the loss of profit, revenues, failure in the test exam, direct or indirect consequential loss or damage or misuse arising from the use of the material, courses and information on the website.

No warranty is provided on the provided information and courses with regard to compliance with regard to satisfactory quality, conformance with description or fitness for purpose.
Hourviews liability in connection with these terms and conditions and the delivery of the service shall be limited to the fees received by us for the relevant course. Hourviews is not responsible and nor liable for any damage, negligence or cost incurred due to negligence or any other reason.

Website updates:

We are making our best effort to maintain our website / products / information accurate and up to date regarding the content and errors and at the same time keep our website up and running. But we do not guarantee that the information on the website and our products are always accurate and complete.

We may limit the availability of products / courses or remove / modify the features of some products on our website at any time without or with notice or for maintenance purpose. You will be considered informed about any new updates whenever these updates are posted on our website.

Website functionality:

While we do our best effort to maintain our website fully functional, but we do not guarantee that the website functionality will be error free and functional all the time.

Payment and fees:

The fees will be as set on the website and they are, unless otherwise specified on the website, inclusive of VAT.
All fees shall be exclusive also of any amounts payable to any registration / certification or exam bodies. These must be paid directly by you to the relevant body. We assume no responsibility or liability for your failure to book these exams within the set time frame.
We are not responsible and liable about any extra fees charged by your bank, credit / debit card or taxes at the time of purchase. These need to be at your own account.
Fees must be paid in full prior to attending any taught courses.
Your credit card data is sent directly to the payment service provider once you make payment on our website.

Please contact us directly on admin@hourviews.com in case you need to request a refund, or cancel order or for any other questions or queries.

Third-party website, links or information:

Our website can contain links, buttons and banners that can direct you to a third-party website, using these links will be at your own risk. Our terms of use do not apply on the third-party websites, and we are not responsible about the content of these websites nor about your privacy on these websites if breached.

Intellectual Property:

All the course materials, information, books, speeches are the intellectual property of hourviews or its licensors.
You are not authorized to:

  • Reproduce, modify, re-publish, sub-license, sell, upload, post, broadcast, distribute, record on audio or video any of these materials available on the website.
  • Remove the copyright from any of the materials
  • Use the material for the provision of any other course or training.

By paying the fees set on the website for each course, we authorize you to use the material for your personal use in order to complete the course.

Force Majeur:

We are not responsible for any delay or failure of our services due to circumstance outside of our control like: internet and server failure, communication problem, war, lockdown.
We are responsible to inform the user of any Force Majeur as soon as possible. And if a Force Majeure goes more than two weeks, then will cancel the agreement and refund you for the service you have paid for.

Data Protection and Privacy:

We will protect the privacy of your data on our website and it will not be transmitted to any third party without your consent.
Hourviews is not responsible about the loss of your data in case your account has been breached or hacked.


It is your responsibility to read all conditions and terms of any service/ product you order before processing the payment. You can contact us in case you need any additional information about a specific product or service. We will try our best to quickly answer your query.

Delivery of Service / Product:

Once payment done, you will receive a confirmation email, within 24 working hours, to guide you through the usage of products and service you have purchased. Sometimes, delivery of the product / service will be delayed due to delay in the verification of the payment.

The agreement will be immediately terminated whenever there is a breach of any of the above clauses. Based on which, we will cease to provide you with the service including stopping your access to the online course.