FAQ page

What is Hourviews and who we are?

Hourviews is an online platform where we have collected for you and made at your disposition the top IT courses to prepare you for the major IT Certification exams and to increase your success potential. All these are presented in an affordable prices / fee in order to make knowledge accessible to a broader people across the world.
Beside the courses, you will get labs and sample test questions so you will be prepared for all type of exam scenarios.

Which additional support you provide for exam preparation?

We provide the following materials:

  • Video courses presented by a certified teachers handpicked with high knowledge in the subject they are preparing.
  • Test questions presenting all the possible question scenario that you might face in the exam.
  • And for some courses Labs are also given.
Do you provide exam certifications?

By going through the courses, you will get the needed knowledge to attend the IT certifications as per your plan. To be certified, you need to attend the certification exam with the concerned body(ies) as per you selection.

Are you certified to provide these courses?

All our courses are presented / taught by certified professors in the field they are presenting.

Where do I get examination test?

For the exam test, you need to contact the concerned body about each exam. e.g. you need to access the test on the related websites for Microsoft, Adobe, etc..

What are the bundle programs?

We provide bundle programs which combine multiple related courses under one package. Such packages, will give you additional training materials, increase your preparation and decrease your cost per course.

Do you provide any discount?

We will be making several offers and discounts throughout the year, and all will be displayed on our website. Also, you will see very competitive prices under our bundle programs / Hot Offers link on our website.

Do you provide training to companies and corporates?

Yes, we have training packages to companies at a competitive rate. Your need to contact hourviews at admin@hourviews.com for further details and quotations.

I have seen similar courses on other websites at a lower price, what your justifications?

There is too many websites claiming having online training at a lower price, but what differentiate us from others:

  • Our courses are given by highly skilled and certified teachers
  • Periodically updated to cope with the latest progress in the IT business
  • Very detailed and extensive to cover all the subject related topics and this demonstrated by the number of videos, study guide and test questions for every topic. (On some other websites, these are sold separately)
  • Very advanced Learning Management System that monitor your progress and time spent on each course through a very advanced dashboard to keep you informed about your learning journey.
I can’t find the confirmation / access email from Hourviews?

Please check your spam / junk or trach folders, it is most likely that it has landed in these folders. So, move it to your inbox. Add the emails admin@hourviews.com to your address book so it can be recognized as trusted email.