Microsoft Word 2019
Microsoft Word 2019

Microsoft Word 2019


About this course

Microsoft Word 2019 is the most popular word processing program that can be used for both personal and professional purposes. While already feature-rich and critical for productivity, Microsoft continues to improve and enhance their software with each new release like the latest Microsoft Word 2019. In this course, you will develop and improve your Microsoft Word skills, so that you are able to maximize the industry-standard word processing system. This online training course will cover Basic Word 2019, Intermediate Word 2019 and Advanced.

Course Outline

Module 1: Beginner – Introduction

1. Instructor Intro
2. Course Intro
3. Explaining the Ribbon
4. Creating a Document
5. Saving Files
6. Page Views
7. Formatting Text
8. Ruler, Margins and Tab Stops
9. Moving and Duplicating Text
10. Line Spacing and Paragraph Formatting
11. Basic Editing
12. Insert a Basic Table and Graphics
13. Working with Sytles

Module 2: Intermediate

1. Intermediate Intro
2. Collaboration & Co-Authorship
3. Tracking and Viewing Changes
4. Commenting
5. Templates and Layouts
6. Layout Functions on the Ribbon
7. Customize, Format and Convert Tables and Use as aPage Layout
8. Insert and Edit a Cover Page
9. Insert and Customize Headers and Footers
10. Insert and Customize Endnotes and Footnotes
11. Creating Sections in a long Document
12. Using Sections to Format a Document
13. Deleting a Section
14. Reviewing, Inserting and Updating TOC
15. Creating a Data Source and Linking a Mailing List
16. Print Settings for Mail Merge

Module 3: Advanced

1. Adding the Developer Tab
2. Functionality Among Microsoft Office Products
3. Using Formulas in Word
4. Citing Sources in Word
5. Reviewing and Merging Versions of the SameDocument
6. Creating a Master Document
7. Creating Sub Documents and Editing Master and SubDocs
8. Controlling Editable Content
9. Form Creation Using the Developer Tab
10. Macros


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