Microsoft Word 2010
Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010


About this course

This course provides training for basic, intermediate, and advanced features of Microsoft Office Word 2010 software. Microsoft Word 2010 is a word-processing program that helps users organize and write their documents more efficiently. Microsoft Word is designed to help users create professional-quality documents with the finest document-formatting tools, and also includes powerful editing and revising tools so that users can collaborate with others easily.

Course Outline


  •  Course Outline
  •  The Interface
  •  Interface
  •  Keyboard Shortcuts
  •  Section Review

Basic File Commands and Operations

  •  File Tab
  •  Creating, Saving and Closing Documents
  •  Opening Existing Documents
  •  Viewing Existing Documents
  •  Protecting A Document
  •  Sharing a Document
  •  Navigating and Searching a Document
  •  Keyboard Shortcuts
  •  Section Review

Creating, Managing and Formatting Content

  •  Creating/Deleting Content and Delete/Undo/Repeat
  •  Copying, Cutting, Pasting and Moving Text
  •  Font formatting and the Font Dialog Box
  •  Paragraph Formats, Bullets, Numbering, Lists and Sorting
  •  Indent, Outdent, Alignment and Line Spacing
  •  Fills, Borders and Themes
  •  Indents, Spacing, Line Breaks and Page Breaks
  •  Tabs and the Format Painter
  •  Keyboard Shortcuts
  •  Section Review


  •  Creating Tables
  •  Sizing Tables and Cells
  •  Table Properties Dialog Box
  •  Table Design
  •  Layout Contextual Tab
  •  Alignment, Data and Formulas
  •  Keyboard Shortcuts
  •  Section Review

Applying Page Layout and Reusable Content

  •  Page Setup
  •  Headers and Footers
  •  Quick Parts
  •  Themes
  •  Page Backgrounds
  •  Printing a Document
  • Section Review

Including Illustrations and Graphics in a Document

  •  Pictures
  •  Clip Art
  •  Shapes
  •  Text Boxes
  •  Word Art and Smart Art
  •  Shortcuts
  •  Section Review

Proofreading Documents

  •  Spelling and Grammar Check
  •  Reference Tools
  •  Comments
  •  Shortcuts
  •  Section Review

Applying References and Hyperlinks

  •  Hyperlinks
  •  Endnotes and Footnotes
  •  Table of Contents
  •  Shortcuts
  •  Section Review

Mail Merge

  •  Setup and Executing Mail Merge
  •  Section Review

Customize the Word Interface

  •  Customizing the Interface
  •  Section Review

Course Review


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