Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 2020
Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 2020

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 2020


Course Outline

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based 2D illustration software designed for the creation of logos, icons, and graphics for print, web, and animation.
In this course, you will become comfortable with the software along with obtaining a basic understanding of the principles of design.
Our course is great for anyone with an interest in either graphic design or illustration.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction

1. Instructor Intro
2. Course Intro

Module 2: Getting Started

1. What are Vectors
2. Creating a New Document
3. Navigating The Interface

Module 3: Drawing

1. Drawing and Manipulating Primitive Shapes
2 Drawing Custom Shapes Part 1
3. Drawing Custom Shapes Part 2
4. Drawing Custom Shapes Part 3
5. Importing Images
6. Understanding Layers and Sublayers
7. Additional Drawing and Manipulation Tools

Module 4: Colors and Gradients

1. Color Theory
2. In-Depth Dive Into Color Palette
3. Creating Color Swatches
4. Creating and Manipulating Gradients pt.2
5. Creating and Manipulating Gradients pt.3

Module 5: Intermediate Illustration

1: Appearance Palette
2. Pathfinder Palette
3. Drawing with Intent pt.1
4. Drawing with Intent pt.2
5. Blending Modes & FX pt.1
6. Blending Modes & FX pt.2

Module 6: Typography

1. Introduction to Typography
2.Type Tools in Illustrator
3. Envelope Warp and Mesh
4. Breaking Text into Outline

Module 7: Live Trace, Paint Brush, and Blob Brush

1.Live Trace
2.Paint and Blob Brush

Module 8: Exporting

1.Differen Between File Formats and Exporting
2. Course Conclusion


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