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About this Course

XD is a VECTOR based software program for user experience applications. It is used to create prototypes, wireframes, and designs for interactive screen-based applications like websites and mobile apps. This software was developed by Adobe initially in 2015, it was released to the public in its first non-beta form at the end of 2017. A full-version is available on both the macOS as well as Windows. There is also a version available for IOS and Android, but that version is not for creating designs, it is just a tool for previewing designs already made. It is a great tool for creating really fast design prototypes for screen and mobile based-applications created by UI and UX designers. There are animation and interactivity features built into the software that allows you to not only create stunning visual designs for web-based applications, but you can then turn them into working prototypes that your developers can test. These allow for lots of feedback on your design before any actual programming begins and will save you a lot of time in development. You can also use the app to create videos of you using the prototype right within Adobe XD. This allows you to show the way you intended the app to be used without any confusion and you can also use these videos to build funding from outside sources showing them the design ideas you plan to implement.

What you will learn: Understand what UX and UI is and the difference between them. To learn how to make prototypes and wireframes for your web and screen-based ideas. Understanding the digital prototyping process. To understand how to build content in XD and modify it. Learn how to create repeating elements and make a faster workflow for large scale projects requiring a lot of artboards.

The course is intended for people who are user interface and user experience, designers. Web designers. Digital media and social media content creators.

Course Outline:

Module 1: XD

1. Instructor Intro
2. What is XD
3. UI and UX Design
4. Prototype Forms and Wireframes
5. Starting a New Design in XD
6. Assets and Character Styles

Module 2: XD

1: Importing Content
2. Responsive Resize and Changing Formats
3. Adding Interactivity
4. Animating Elements
5. Sharing and Exporting



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