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About this Course

Adobe Spark is a set of three different programs geared towards creating social media and web-based content. The three programs are Adobe Spark Post, Adobe Spark Page, and Adobe Spark Video. Adobe Spark Post is a program for making quick social media posts based on pre-made professional templates. This program allows you to change images, graphics, text, and colors in templates set up to be customized in a drag and drop method for easy modification. Adobe Spark Page is a program that allows you to make one-page web-based HTML documents that can be published to the internet. Adobe Spark Video is a simplified video creation program that allows users to produce videos for social media-based off templates and question prompts to help you tell a story. All of these programs are made to be simple to use and intuitive. They are template-based and do not require the user to be an expert in media creation or editing to master.

What you will learn: To understand the three different programs of Adobe Spark. To be able to edit content in the programs from templates provided and introduce their own content. To use it as a branding tool for social media platforms. To understand how to publish content from the programs to the web and social media.

The course is intended for people who are content creators for the internet and who need fast editing capabilities to create professional-looking media content.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Spark

1. Instructor Intro
2. Course Intro
3. Web-Based vs Mobile Device
4. How to Access Spark
5. Branding in Spark

Module 2: Spark

1: Using Spark Post
2. Uploading Content from Post for Exporting
3. Using Spark Video
4. Exporting Finished Videos
5. Using Spark Page
6. Putting Spark Pages on the Web



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